Kat Saville. Product design, User experience, Prototyping & Strategy.

Everlane Product Page


Everlane Product Page Update

My Role: Content audit and research, Core feature additions, Style update

The product page is often the first entry point for new users, it’s also our last step in a users decision funnel pre-checkout, we should make sure we’re providing them with the best features to help them make a decision as to whether or not to purchase this product.

Audit product pages to understand content types and develop a system for content management and strategy for what’s on a product page. Designing and implement a framework for collecting and displaying user generated product reviews. Goal to drive user activations and increase user confidence regarding product fit and quality. Measuring success against: add-to-cart rate, conversion rate, product return rate, and SEO gains. All user flows, submission and reading of product reviews, ladder up to key goals around “back-to-basics” values of accessibility, clarity, and transparency.